License Agreement

License Agreement

The prices displayed on the site are for our Standard Licence. If your project containing the music exceeds the limitations of the Standard License now or in the future, you will need to purchase an Extended License. Just select the correct option in the cart along with your chosen piece(s) of music.

Standard License

This license is between (trading as known hereafter as 'The Licensor' and you (the purchaser of the music file) know hereafter as 'The Licensee'

  • This license is non-exclusive meaning all copyright remains the property of the copyright owner (the composers and publishers)
  • This license is non-transferable meaning 'The Licensee' cannot give away, share or transfer this license or any of the music to any individual, third party or other business.
  • Term is in perpetuity meaning 'The Licensee' will have lifetime synchronisation rights for the production.
  • Territory is worldwide meaning 'The Licensee' can market and distribute those productions worldwide.

Buyout License: 'The Licensee' has the right to use the music over and over for the lifetime of 'The Licensee' in accordance with this agreement.

Synchronization Rights: 'The Licensee' has the right to use the music as a soundtrack which must be clearly in synchronisation with either. text, voice over, animation, multimedia presentations, PowerPoint projects, games, mobile apps, web site development, film, TV and internet video i.e. YouTube and any other visuals which may accompany the music.

Public Performance Rights: 'The Licensee' has the right to:

  • Broadcast unlimited Internet video and radio streams from a web site or YouTube.
  • Use the music for non-profit film productions, student films and film festivals. For commercial motion pictures see 'Extended License Terms'.
  • Broadcast to non-paying audience i.e. free to air television networks and local non-commercial radio stations. For paid and advertising see 'Extended License Terms'.
  • Public performance to non-paying audience (single location) i.e. cinema, trade shows, live events and theatrical performances in schools etc. For paying audience and multiple locations see 'Extended License Terms'.
  • Use as background music in a public area (single location) i.e. business premises, restaurants, shops and bars. For multiple locations see 'Extended License Terms'
  • Use for music on-hold telephone systems (single location). For multiple locations see 'Extended License Terms'

Mechanical Rights: 'The Licensee' has the right to manufacture or duplicate up to 5000 copies. Copies means products containing the music i.e. video games, DVD's, educational toys, electronic gadgets, audio books and apps. Each track that exceeds 5000 copies requires and extended license. If the total number of copies is not yet known, then start with the standard license and upgrade in the future.

  • 'The Licensee' must not sell, sub-license, resell or give away the music on its own or as part of a music only CD or any other format.
  • 'The Licensee' can edit the music to the particular requirements of the project by cutting, stretching, looping etc. but can not create derived works from the music such as editing, adding sounds, singing or rapping over the music and claim it as their own.
  • 'The Licensee' must not use the music for website templates that are sold or given away for free.

Credits: Please state the track name and composer/publisher information if required. (This information is included in your download). If you wish to credit the composer/artist and our music library please use something like... Music by "composer/artist" licensed by

Warranties: 'The Licensor' warrants that it is the owner or has been granted authority to license the music files for sale from our online music libraries and that all music files provided and used in accordance with this license agreement will not infringe any intellectual property rights.

Indemnification: 'The Licensee' agrees to indemnify and hold 'The Licensor' harmless against any liabilities, expenses, legal proceedings or claims in connection with any breach of the terms of this license. 'The Licensor' will defend, indemnify and hold 'The Licensee' harmless from any liabilities, expenses, legal proceedings or claims that may arise in the event that 'The Licensor' is in breach of its warranties.

Termination: 'The Licensor' reserves the right to terminate the license agreement immediately if any of the terms and conditions in this license are violated.

Extended License Terms:

The following terms extend the conditions of the Standard License and shall apply only to purchases made with the Extended/Upgrade option selected. An Extended License grants 'The Licensee' additional rights to:

  • Broadcast on paid cable and satellite television networks (worldwide).
  • Use for radio and television advertising (worldwide).
  • Use in film and commercial motion picture productions (worldwide).
  • Public performance to paying audience (worldwide) i.e. cinema, trade shows, live events, stage shows and theatre etc.
  • Use as background music in a public area (multiple locations) i.e. business premises, restaurants, shops and bars.
  • Use for music on-hold telephone systems (multiple locations).
  • Manufacture or duplicate unlimited copies and distribute worldwide.
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